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Friday, July 25, 2014

Silver My Neon Nails

Salutare tuturor!
Credeati ca am abandonat blogul?
Am revenit dupa o absenta destul de mare din randul blogaritelor de profil.
Initial, am vrut sa nu mai postez decat atunci cand unghia de la degetul mic - mana stanga este vindecata.
Din pacate acest lucru nu s-a intamplat.
Unghiuta este devorata de o onicomicoza de toata frumusetea.
Aceasta nu mai creste, este deformata si mi-e afectata atat unghia cat si patul unghial.
In prezent continui tratamentul cu antimicotice si mi-am lasat restul unghiutelor sa creasca.
Odata cu ele va voi arata un model futurist si de vara.

Personal, imi place tare mult combinatia galben neon si albastru indigo.
Unghiuta cu probleme a fost si ea acoperita cu ajutorul unui inel.

Pentru a creste frumoase si sanatoase, le protejez cu ajutorul unei baze inainte de a aplica oja colorata.
Frumoasa nuanta galben neon este de la Flormar nr.420, iar albastrul indigo, Flormar 448.

Varfurile unghiilor au fost accentuate cu un argintiu intens de la O.P.I - Fits me to a royal - T.

Pe inelar an adaugat sclipiri aurii cu ajutorul ojei de la Essence - Make it Golden.
La final am aplicat un Top coat tot de la Essence.
Sper din tot sufletul sa va placa modelul si ca inca ma mai urmariti.
Pana data viitoare, toate cele bune.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Easter Nails

Salutare tuturor!
Se pare ca nu am mai postat de ceva vreme.
Marea mea absenta este motivata de o frumoasa onicomicoza (ciuperca a unghiei) la unghia de la degetul mic, mana dreapta.
Am cateva luni bune de tratament asiduu cu Exoderil, Canespor si multe alte tratamente naturiste.
In zadar toate, pentru ca se pare ca imi voi pierde din nou unghia.
Pentru ca vine Pastele, am pastrat pentru voi o manichiura ceva mai veche pe care nu am reusit sa o postez deoarece nu mi-a placut in mod deosebit.
Pentru ca imi era tare dor de voi si pentru ca mi-am amintit ce frumoase si sanatoase erau unghiile mele, m-am gandit sa va arat si voua aceasta manichiura.
Sper sa va placa.

Am folosit 5 culori superbe primite de la o prietena draga.
Modelul mi se pare chiar foarte potrivit pentru sarbatorile pascale.

Dupa ce am aplicat baza, am folosit 2 straturi de lac alb de la Flormar.

Apoi frumoasele oje colorate si putin negru si alb pentru a le scoate in evidenta ca pe niste oua dragute de Pasti :)

Am aplicat un top coat pentru a proteza modelul si gata!
Nu vreau sa va oripilez cu pozele unghiei cu onicomicoza, insa promit ca dupa Pasti voi scrie un intreg articol despre acest subiect.
Cum poate aparea, tratament si preventie.

Va pup si sa aveti parte de un Paste Fericit!!!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Holi Nails

Hi there!
Today I will show you a super easy nail design. 
Due to  a nail accident, I given up to posts.
This nail design is an old one.

If you notice, my little finger nail is injured and now has fallen :)
This is the reason why I have not posted.
See you guys when my nail is cured.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Spring comes with Nude Nails

Hello everyone!
In this post I will be short because time puts big pressure on me.
So, here are some pictures on my nude nail design.

This manicure was inspired by a dress that  Paris Hilton wear at grammys this year.

Well, I added some sparkles here and there :)

The product I used was:
Nude: #Just nail polish
white: #acrylic paint
sparkle: #Sally Hansen -Big Money

And here is the famous dress. Lovely, ins't it?

Ok, guys, I hope you enjoy this nail design and leave me some opinions about it in the comments below.
See you next time.
Take care.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Geometric Nails

Hi there!
Today I present you a geometric nail design.
I combined several colors to obtain this design.
The neon yellow studs blow up my mind, and I finally got this colorful design.
In fact, it was pretty easy.

My little finger nail is starting to heal, so, soon I will not have to cut my nails depending on it.

The product I used are: the ox blood shade is Flormar #M113, neon yellow - Flormar #420, green -Golden Rose Paris #217 and some neon studs.

I sealed all with a Top Coat - Essence gel- look, and that's it.
I hope you like my design and I see you guys soon with a springlike nail design.
Take care.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Love Statement Nails

Hello my loves!
Today is "Dragobete" some kind of Valentine's day in our country, Romania.
Due to this event, I came up with this simple manicure (in fact this mani is made since Valentine's day, but today I had found some time to post it  :D )
Here are the pictures:

I think you all know the process of nail prep: base coat, nail polish, design, top coat.
This metallic green is gorgeous and is a Flormar nail polish #sorbet S02.

I applied two coats of that, and then, on the middle finger I made a sort of gradient with a metallic yellow and metallic green.

Then, I came up with some sparkle nail polish from Sally Hansen #Gem Crush - Big Money.

In the end I added some Love bears - water decals and seal all the nails with top coat. 

I hope you like this simple nail design and I see you next time with a spring nail design.
Take care!

Monday, February 10, 2014

Peacock Nails

Hello there!
In this post I will show you my freakishly short nail.
Due to a minor cut in the cuticle area, my nail is falling of :((.
Girls, what I am trying to tell you here is a desperate message: Do not cut your cuticles!
Do not! Do not!
I'm serious guys, you can lose your finger.
Ok, that being said, let's get right on this nail design.

My peacock water decals helped me to achieve this final look.
I used some no name nail polishes, neon orange, bluish gray, some green and blue glittery nail polish.

I sealed the design with a top coat and that's it.
I really like the festive look, even on short nails.

On this photo shoot, the sun helped me huge and the pictures are a little bit brighter.

I feel really sorry that I cut my nails, and I hardly wait to grow them back healthy and long.

Hope you like my simple nail design and I see you next time with a Valentine's Day nail design.
Take care!

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Hello everyone!
Today we are talking about pijamas nails.
Because Valentine's day is just around the corner, I made some beautiful hearts on the nail pattern.
My naughty cat, Tasha, attended to this photo shoot.

So, before I started, I used a base coat to protect my natural nails.
Then, I added 2 coats of grey nail polish from Flormar.

The party began when I started to add the dots and hearts.
With a dotting tool, they began to come alive.

After I finished with the  dotted and hearted madness, I sealed everything with a top coat.
Done. And now you have beautiful nails for Valentine's Day. :)

I hope you enjoyed this simple manicure, and I see you next time.
Take care.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Olaf Nails

Hello everyone!
Today I will write in English due to likes incoming to my facebook page.
Thank you with all my hart and I really hope to not disappoint you guys.
As I promised, my nails are having a good time with Olaf.
Ok, let's get some pictures here ;)

I must admit that I had a lot of fun painting these nails. Olaf is such a sweet and funny character.
I prepared my natural nails and I put a layer of Flormar base coat. Then I added a very beautiful color Flormar #423, and then I did some kind of ombre nails with white polish and a makeup sponge.

With some acrylic paint, Olaf came to life.
I added some sparks here and there, some snowflakes, and my nails are telling you a nice story.

Oh, don't forget to put some top coat on, or your precious Olaf melts away.

Here in Romania the weather is very snowy and frosty, perfect for my Olaf. :)
So, I hope you like my nail design. 
I will love to read some comments regarding this manicure.
Ok guys, see you next time with some red nails.
Take care! 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Fuchsia Bucolique Nails

Salutare tuturor!
Dupa o perioada de absenta cam mare, sunt gata sa va prezint prima manichiura din acest an.
Este vorba despre o manichiura dungata si despre ojele de la Bourjois 1Seconde.
Gata? Sa incepem:

Pentru inceput am aplicat un base-coat pentru protectia unghiilor de ingalbeniri si alte intemperii cauzate de oja.

Apoi am folosit frumoasele oje de la Bourjois 
- Bourjois 07 Fuchsia bucolique
                                                           - Bourjois 08 Bleu water
Tot ce va pot spune legat de ele, este ca le ador.
Un singur strat este suficient iar pensula este dementiala.

M-am gandit ca nu-mi pot lasa unghiile uni, asa ca am intervenit repede cu niste dungi albe la mana stanga si negre la mana dreapta.
Le-am dat si sclipire cu ajutorul unei oje cu sclipici aurii si argintii.

A urmat partea cu sigilatul modelului cu ajutorul unui top- Coat si voila, sptripe nails.

Sper din tot sufletul ca v-au placut unghiutele, orhideea si pisica.
Pana data viitoare sunt incantata sa citesc comentariile voastre sincere.