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Friday, January 18, 2013

Day 18 -Your oldest untried

Hello ladies!!!!
Today I am going to be short and clear, he, he :)
Let's begin by telling you girls that my oldest untried is a little bit of mess ( you 'll see what I'm talking about when you'll see the final picture). 
I must say that now I am better at painting my nails, don't you think? Although, I have a lot to learn, I am pretty pleased whit the result.
Before we start, you must know that I've made a little bit of changes regarding the colors. You will see!! :)
So, let's start this cute nail design!!! 
Kiss you all and I hope you like it!!!

                                                       And, my abomination oldest :((


  1. Mie imi place si prima varianta doar ca acele buline sunt cam bezmetice :)) in rest e foarte dragut modelul :D

  2. Imi place combinația ,foarte dragute :)

  3. followed u dear on gfc name Good taste of life!!! Also to google+ All about life...hugs

  4. Ok wait im Confused! Is the first the last mani your oldest untried? I love the colours of the first mani!

  5. I totally love the colors on the first mani - so beautiful - but I like the brown too of course :)

  6. Foarte dragut arata modelul in ambele combinatii de culori :)

  7. Imi plac ambele variante! Sunt super cute.

  8. si mie imi plac ambele variante , simplu si dragut :)


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